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#33369: Cannot intelligently target using the `get_terms_args` filter
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Comment (by knutsp):

 Replying to [comment:4 johnjamesjacoby]:

 Great answer, thank you.

 > The reason filters exist is to allow for overriding the environment and
 it's relative variables.

 I can't tell how much I agree with that, especially as a plugin developer.

 I have always, naively, believed that (well documented) default arguments
 could really be omitted and explicitly adding them seen as completely
 redundant, like a well implemented shorthand technique. This is from a
 template developers view, where one might use `get_terms()`. And as such,
 I fully accept the function return may be filtered. Filtered on basis of
 context and variables available, but not on the chosen programming

 All I want is complete predictability, and maintain that documented
 defaults allow for shorthand coding. Even if Core is not perfect at that,
 as it is.

 Looking forward to more opinions.

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