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#28197: Fallback Languages
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Comment (by cvedovini):

 Agreed, that's why I started a discussion about this on the "ideas" forum
 and @downstairsdev created that ticket, but since this is not going to end
 up in the core and your plugin doesn't solve the problem either that's all
 we are left with.

 And the reason the solution in your plugin is not good is that it also ask
 the plugin developer to create multiple copies of the same file. Eg. if I
 want to cover Spanish in all locales with one translation I need to copy
 one file into all the locales.

 And although I agree that there are other issues like the one you
 mentioned (ug_CN vs zn_CH) they are edge cases that shouldn't take
 precedence over the overwhelming number of people who speak Spanish,
 English or French (plus in that case I doubt Uyghur would like to see
 anything in Chinese, I have been there and most of them don't speak
 Chinese at all, let alone read it)

 @swissspidy again, you are talking from the point of view of the core
 translators but this ticket in no way asked them to be implicated. I
 discussed this at length in my previous comments with others. Translators
 of the core don't need to do anything, if they don't want to take any
 decision about what language to fallback to then fair enough. If they want
 to leave one specific locale of a language without translation because
 they don't have a translator for that particular locale then that's their

 However, I as a plugin developer, I take my own responsibilities and
 decided that the Spanish translation I got from the person who volunteered
 to translate is good enough for every Spanish speaking person whatever
 their locale. This because I don't have the resource to have a translator
 for every locale, that duplicating the files is unpractical and that my
 Spanish users probably don't care that much. (you can replace Spanish with
 English also)

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