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#32196: Very slow, severe latency / lag when typing certain characters in text mode
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 I am submitting this ticket at the suggestion of WP tech geniuses '''James
 Huff''' and '''Samuel Wood''' over on the WP.org forum, where this topic
 has been discussed at length here:


 When typing large posts in text editor mode, if a character is introduced
 such as a curly quote mark  “ ” ‘ ’ (but not limited to just those
 characters) then the text editor experiences severe (and I mean severe)

 It's hard to put a precise figure on how many words constitutes 'long',
 but it is not noticeable in shorter posts though I suspect the problem is
 still there, you just can't notice the lag on a smaller amount of text.

 The lag is so bad that you can type and complete whole sentences blindly,
 before the first letter you've typed shows up on the screen.

 As soon as any of the offending characters are deleted, the text editor
 returns to perfect functionality without any latency/lag.

 The offending characters, as well as curly quotes, includes such
 characters as a bullet point: • or this symbol: ❏ but again, are not
 limited to just these, I just give them as an example.

 Characters like the following work without a problem: !"£$%^&*()_+{}@~'#[]

 As a test, I've pasted 16,000 words of clean LipSum in a new draft post in
 text mode.

 It works a charm, no lag whatsoever. Then, for instance, if I paste
 something like:

 '''“The cat ‘sat’ on the mat”'''

 (please note this quote uses two different types of curly quotes)

 It will take ten to fifteen seconds to paste, during which time you cannot
 do anything.

 Then when the pasted text does appear, if I want to type any more test
 anywhere else in the text box, I really can't, because the lag is so

 As soon as the very last offending curly quote is removed, the text editor
 returns to perfect functionality.

 My version of Chrome I use (as was the others over on the thread where
 this has been discussed) is the latest, and has no plugins installed. It
 is an absolutely clean install, and the computer cache has been scrubbed
 and bleached within an inch of its life but still the problem persists.

 This problem does not present itself in any form on my computer if I use
 IE 11, or if the visual editor is being used.

 My computer is a Toshiba Qosmio laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i7
 2.0 GHz, 64 bit with 8GB of RAM.

 It makes no difference if I use the TwentyFifteen theme or any other
 theme, the problem is still present.

 I can experience this problem on a website hosted by JustHost in USA as
 well as another experimental site hosted by a completely different company
 in Europe.

 After a lot of comments back and fore, two WordPress tech guys over on
 that thread were able to replicate the issue on their own computers, and
 so have other members of the public who commented.

 The only way this problem goes away is if I disable emoji using the emoji
 plugin. The problem then  goes away entirely, so I'm surprised at the tech
 guys' comments over on the thread ( https://wordpress.org/support/topic
 /text-editor-extremely-slow?replies=25#post-6889613 ) - '''James Huff'''
 and '''Saumel Wood''' - both of whom could replicate it, who say they
 don't think it has anything to do with the emoji/Asian character support
 just introduced by WordPress.

 Please help!

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