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#32102: Emoji - only load when required
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     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  reopened
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Comment (by pento):

 > Why isn't it possbile to add (or at least discuss) the
 `add_theme_support( 'emoji' );` or an option for this?

 `add_theme_support()` (like wp-admin options) are kind of a cop-out from
 our perspective. Either the code is good enough to be enabled by default,
 or it needs more work. The emoji script has [http://peterwilson.cc
 /intuition-is-crap/ no effect on your Page Speed score], and the
 [ticket:31701#comment:18 actual running time will be a few ms]:
 1 or 2 clock ticks in Chrome].

 > but in Backend you've also the option for `use_smiles` which should be

 You're absolutely right. Smilies are deprecated by emoji, and this option
 should be removed in the future. Historically, we've disabled deprecated
 options on new installs only, so that's probably what will happen to it.

 > If I deactivate Emoji my old smilies are broken. "it's sink or swim" :(

 If you'd like to deactivate emoji but retain the old smilies,
 [https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-smilies/ here's a plugin to do that
 for you].

 > Why should the default behaviour practically overwrite explicit user

 The default behaviour is to only provide emoji compatibility in browsers
 that either lack emoji support (IE on Windows Vista or earlier, Chrome on
 Windows), or have bugs in their emoji rendering (Firefox, Chrome on OS X).
 This isn't overwriting user input, it's simply rendering characters that
 otherwise wouldn't be rendered.

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