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#32132: Keyboard shortcut for headings (Ctrl + 1,2,3) no longer works
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     Type:  defect (bug)   |      Status:  closed
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Component:  TinyMCE        |     Version:  4.2
 Severity:  normal         |  Resolution:  invalid
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Comment (by nacin):

 I for one am really happy for this change. I use Cmd + number as my
 primary way of navigating through what is usually dozens of Chrome tabs
 (currently 56). Whenever the visual editor (which I use almost
 exclusively) has the focus, I end up setting a heading style, or worse, an
 `<address>` (Cmd + 9 until 4.2).

 While I've thought about removing the shortcut for `<address>` since it is
 such an edge case, I've hesitated to change this entirely in core for
 years because I know enough to recognize that we don't design software for
 ''me'' and other advanced users. My use of WordPress and my browser is not
 necessarily indicative of everyone else's use. In fact, it's almost
 certainly not indicative of everyone else's use. We don't have an easy way
 to see if a lot of people used these shortcuts for headings, and if a lot
 of people would prefer to use them in Chrome like me. Anyway, something
 else and someone else instigated the change — so I'm happy to roll with it
 and I'm glad the software works a little better for me. :-)

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