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#32088: Bug in get_admin_page_parent( $parent = '' ) when only having 1 Sub-Menu-
 Reporter:  iamwordimpressed  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement       |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  General           |    Version:  4.1.2
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 {{{function get_admin_page_parent( $parent = '' ) }}} seems buggy.

 My Goal:
 - Remove all Submenu items of a CPT in Wordpress Admin and keep only the
 Main-Menu Item for showing the Table/List Custom Posts ("Listing All").

 What I do:
 -       I have a custom post type (CPT)  with 2 Default builtin Taxonomies
 (category/post_tags). But The user has no Capability to access them. So
 effectively this CPT has 2 Sub-Menu-Items by default: „Listing All“ and
 „Add New“ (Note: I have no English installation, so the namings might
 slightly be different in original English).
 -       I remove the „Add New“ Menu item in the {{{„_admin_menu“}}} Hook
 by unsetting the respective {{{$submenu}}} item array entry:
 -       I have debugged it: As there is only one Sub-Menu-Item left
 („Listing All“), Wordpress now tests if the single left Sub-Menu Item is
 identical to the Main-Menu Item. If yes, it will remove the Sub-Menu-Item.
 This works ok. Now the global {{{$submenu}}} array does no longer contain
 any Submenu Items. And the global {{{$menu}}} item still contains the
 Main-Menu Item for the CPT with the „Listing All“ link ({{{wp-

 -       But when I acces the {{{http://localhost/super/wp-
 admin/edit.php?post_type=mycpt}}} page by clicking on the Main-Menu Item,
 I get an „no appropriate rights“ error
 -       It turns out that the {{{get_admin_page_parent( $parent = '' )}}}
 function does return an empty (!) result instead of
 {{{edit.php?post_type=mycpt}}}. (I tested this by enabling the second
 submenu item and in this case the function returns
 -       When the function returns empty, than it will trigger (in {{{
 user_can_access_admin_page()) }}}
 {{{ if ( empty( $parent) ) {
 if ( isset( $_wp_menu_nopriv[$pagenow] ) )}}}
 -       And this will deny access! The reason this is triggered is
 {{{$pagenow}}} is {{{„edit.php“}}}. And I do NOT allow users access to the
 build in Default WP Post type! So {{{$_wp_menu_nopriv}}} contains

 As I can judge this, this is  bug in {{{get_admin_page_parent( $parent =
 '' )}}}  that will be triggered for all(!) Custom Post types with only one
 Submenuitem. But will only be visible, in practice if you additionally
 disable the build in standard „post“ type.


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