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#23318: Plugins Admin Showing Details for Wrong Plugin
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 I think it's probably time to add a GUID to both Plugins and Themes.

 Adding a Unique Identifier to plugins and themes, not only will it solve
 problems like this one, but will also make the API far faster for plugin
 updates, as then it's only got one ID to check, rather than having to
 check each header with it's various weights it uses to detect the correct
 plugin (and as you can see here, it's not always accurate).
 Themes already mostly use a static lookup, but it's based on the theme
 slug (the folder name) which isn't always a good check either.

 I don't agree with the proposed naming of the fields here though,
 `Upgrade` and `Upgrade Service`, I'd far prefer to re-use the `Plugin URI`
 field, but unfortunately we have to expect plugin authors to change that
 over time.

 So I'm thinking of something far more generic such as `Plugin GUID:` or
 `Plugin ID:` for example, with a value of `https://wordpress.org/plugins
 /hello-dolly/` or even less `w.org/hello-dolly` to follow the examples
 offered earlier. I'd lean towards a full URL as it's easier to read and
 understand, however then becomes duplicative of the `Plugin URI` field for
 w.org hosted plugins.

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