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#31195: Add a user-friendly way to preview site responsiveness in the Customizer
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Comment (by westonruter):

 Replying to [comment:1 philiparthurmoore]:
 > > Many of these ideas have been explored in the WordPress.com skinning
 of the Customizer, largely unsuccessfully (depending on who you ask). But
 I think a carefully considered approach here could be a big benefit for
 > I'd argue that responsiveness is one of the things that .com gets right
 in many ways. I have to say I really like your initial approach much
 better, though.
 > (Adding WordPress.com responsive demo for future reference.)

 Note that the WordPress.com Customizer skin has been
 [https://github.com/Automattic/vip-quickstart/issues/257 reverted],
 ''except'' for the Device Preview plugin, which I agree is a nice

 BTW, in lieu of this WordPress.com Customizer Device Preview plugin being
 available in VIP Quickstart, I've put together a temporary standalone
 plugin that makes it available on any WordPress install:

 As an aside, we've got a VIP client for whom we're going to be extending
 the Device Preview plugin to change the current `previewUrl` when the
 selected device changes so that the selected device can be passed as a
 query var for the URL loaded in the Customizer preview, allowing us to
 properly preview an adaptive (non-responsive) theme, i.e. when

 Any device preview functionality added to the Customizer should allow a
 theme to indicate whether it is completely responsive, or if it has
 adaptive elements that necessitate a URL change when toggling between

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