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#28500: css issue FF30 input height
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Comment (by afercia):

 what Mozilla changed in Firefox 30 (after 8 years they were asked to :-))
 is this:
 together with some internal changes to apply restrictions to input
 *fields* (not buttons)

 related tickets:

 so now line-height affects all main inputs however single-line text inputs
 elements cannot have a line-height smaller than 1, while inputs
 type=button have no restrictions.
 The other browsers also have a minimum value for inputs line-height, for
 example webkit min value is "normal". See comment here:
 "Do not allow line-height to be smaller than our default" (which is

 For years we had to deal with Firefox default declaration line-height:
 normal !important and every line-height value in our stylesheets didn't
 apply to Firefox. So all our rules on input fields were crafted to match
 Firefox behavior.

 The difference we can see now between Firefox and Webkit, for example on
 the login form, is that Firefox allows for a minimum value of "1" which in
 this case is 24px while Webkit allows for a minimum value of "normal"
 which is *roughly* 1.2. But [http://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2008/05/06
 /line-height-abnormal/ line-height: normal is abnormal] and actually
 depends on browsers roundings and the fonts' built-in metrics and Open
 Sans has a quite tall x-height so the computed value in Webkit is 33px.

 Ironically, the quickest fix would be to re-introduce what Mozilla removed
 and just add
 input {
   line-height: normal !important;
 because we can assume all the other line-height declarations for input
 fields that set a specific value, are there to match Firefox previous
 behavior that was, that's the point: normal!

 On the other hand, that would be a missed opportunity to have better CSS
 but the only thing that needs to be adjusted is the line-height on inputs,
 no need to adjust "height" or other properties.

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