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#28557: Add Theme/Plugin-Version to URL not the WP-Version
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 If a theme- or plugin-developer doesn't provide the argument for the
 version number while using any enqueue-function (wp_enqueue_style,
 wp_enqueue_script) WP adds it's own version number to the URLs.

 This leads to the problem:
 A theme is updated, adding new styles including some changes to the
 generated HTML. If WP is not updated at the same time, browser and proxies
 will not re-download the file. This can break layouts because of the lack
 of updated stylesheet.
 The same goes for plugins.
 And if WP is updated all scripts and styles are re-downloaded. Which is
 not required.

 I would like to see the following behavior:
 If the version argument is set, use it.

 No Argument, use the fallback:
 - Styles/scripts enqueued by the theme get the version number of the
 - Styles/scripts enqueued by a plugin get the version number of the
 - Files enqueued by/from core should still use the core version (e.g.

 I use this code in my themes. So there is a variable for the theme

 // Save same data about the theme into a variable
 $my_theme_data = wp_get_theme();

 // Enqueue a CSS style file
     get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css',

 To solve:
 - how to detect if theme, plugin or core is enqueuing the file
 - how to get the version number of a plugin
 - what to do if a plugin and a theme or two plugins are enqueued with the
 same handle

 Aside thought on it:
 Adding the version of WP '''and''' the theme to the stylesheet-url or
 maybe a hash of it. Woldn't solve it for plugins ...

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