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#28511: Wp-admin #wpwrap hooks
 Reporter:  evandentremont  |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  reopened
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Component:  General         |     Version:  3.9.1
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 Keywords:                  |     Focuses:  ui, administration, template

Comment (by evandentremont):

 Replying to [comment:8 helen]:
 > Replying to [comment:7 evandentremont]:
 > > Perhaps I don't understand as a newcomer to this side of things, but
 how can that be a "burden"?
 > We strive to maintain backwards compatibility. Hooks are low-cost to
 add, and often remain low-cost to maintain, but it is still maintenance.
 My particular concern here is that you would be disconnecting the toolbar
 from the admin menu, which are currently visually coupled together. I
 would also be quite surprised if this played nicely with the sticky admin
 menu or smaller screen responsive considerations.

 It does play nice with the sticky menu as that uses padding on top of
 <html>, though granted it does split the sticky menu from the sidebar.

 I guess this comes back around to, do wordpress dev's tell the user what
 they want, or do users tell wordpress dev's what they want.

 I have to implement this either way, but where I've seen references to it
 before I can't be the only one that needs it.

 > > If the admin interface needs to remain "consistent" why was theming
 introduced at all?
 > Not sure what you mean here. There are color schemes, but those do not
 affect layout.

 I meant color, just referencing that of the "look and feel", the "look" is
 by design inconsistent.

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