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#28445: we did the work really well
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 this is very practical hey I see got this three-dimensional airflow
 network because they needed an air barrier where on the deck and then of
 course and the attorney 10 how come there's moral problem in the
 auditorium as because they perforated the deck for acoustical reasons cap
 so yup air tightness in Kentucky so there is a solution Care Bear Tulare
 is a rigid insulation with the Giants you got it I know this I just can't
 tell why did tell you alright so I could put fluffy stuff up here and I
 could put rigid insulation on the top with this to warm up the condensing
 surface know anything about it that makes sense because I'm just taking a
 wall with insulating sheathing and putting it on the slope Ryan in the
 mountains insulation I have to put up there's been depend on the climate
 location in the interior moisture la 5 an indoor pool you know one any
 fluffy stuff up inside you want everything on the outside right that low
 moisture load like you know thirty 35 percent RH her house this works or
 you put the insulation here is your beer and have your vented space the
 hormonal assembly what's neat is it you don't have to be perfect you need
 to be good trying to be perfect his heart now we did about a hundred
 thousand rooms in Las Vegas with fiberglass bats netted silos blown
 fiberglass was no air space and no air barrier down here but this was OS
 be with tar paper entire papers not a vapor barrier know we have baton
 strips but I'll so I've got a ventilated cladding if you stand that up
 it's like a wall that has an air gap behind cladding I think midfielder
 work with us so we know we got all these you know over a hundred thousand
 since1995 this led to the code change you ask me well how come it only
 works for tolerance what not trash washing all because the asphalt
 shingles to work they don't Bilbray it because they're get you with me on
 this okay young people like they’re discriminating against asphalt must be
 a fire thing know it's not so people really picked up on it where the
 silos people annoy you guys didn't yeah may be needed a better management
 team I'm I was 15 years ago come on relax get back in the game I wrong
 color though I'm sorry why to use this caller well they gave into me
 you're stunned but it works then we go to Phoenix Megan a black member n
 and I just shoved it up in there no work just fine why cut there was a
 black member remember and the moment a change these two white they got
 drywall cracking on the interior walls I said I got the call it as well so
 how come the drywall is cracking when the you change the color the roof
 membrane that's when they threw me out you're like a lunatic how could
 changing the color of the roof membrane cause dry won't crack on making
 the membrane lying top court to the trusses got wetter an expanded we got
 rice yeah when they open it up in there mess all over the mall oh my god
 mold mould we're all going to die all I don’t know you know as a you'll
 take a valium calm down relax so how to fix this well it was easy put
 rigid insulation on the top right with me on that well I subpoenas putdown
 a new roof membrane and that's when folks started spraying farm on the
 underside cut was cheaper to fix these which baffled me was to move people
 outtake a gypsum board of the sailing spray a couple inches a farm and put
 the chips the fiberglass back in and put gypsum board up I mean to me I
 would have liked gonnafrom the top right that seemed logical and I said
 well yeah this’ll work but really and so L that's where it started fixing
 because they for whatever reason they didn't go with this there unless and
 so then they say well you know what kind of phone can I use well low-
 density err I density well we’re high-density stuff you could use
 everywhere but the low-density stuff as a sponge right reserves moisture
 and so you need vapor retarder associated with it and you need a means a
 removing the moisture from that attic space otherwise it's going to came
 late overtime paint so [http://www.aminomusclefact.com/ Amino Muscle]
 that's where the code provision came from so you know this low-density
 happened as the farmers a phenomenal product if you have an air change in
 the attic that couple to air perhaps now firm also the buildings this
 works just fine because what we have up in those attics here leaky ducts
 leaky ducts but virtue being leaky and a leaky ceiling means you have
 water and their change but if.

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