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#28577: Allow language to be chosen during initial install
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Comment (by charlestonsw):

 This is how the language selector is appearing in Firefox ESR 24.7.0
 (latest rev on CentOS 6.5).


 '''What fixed it on my box?'''

 Adding a wrapper div around the fieldset and setting THAT CSS rule to
 overflow: auto; worked.

 in wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php @ wp_install_language_form() add: echo
 "<div id='language_selector'>"; just before the echo "<fieldset>\n" and
 close it out with echo "</div>" after the closing fieldset in the same

 CSS rule added to install.css
 .language-chooser #language_selector {
     overflow: auto;

 CSS rule modified in install.css
 .language-chooser fieldset {
    margin: 1px 1px 0;

 '''What did NOT work'''

 The problem looks like a FF bug but there are no newer patches for the ESR
 version at this point.

 The Mozilla-specific CSS hack to hides fieldset overflow but does not
 render the scrollbar.


 .language-chooser fieldset {
    overflow: -moz-hidden-unscrollable;

 overflow: auto;
 overflow: scroll;
 overflow-y: auto;
 overflow-y: scroll;

 And a myriad of other options are not helpful.


 - Lance

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