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#28577: Allow language to be chosen during initial install
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Comment (by johnbillion):

 I'm looking into the possibility of switching back to a `select` input
 (with a `size` attribute) rather than our current list of radio buttons.

 The current list uses a fair amount of CSS and JavaScript which is just
 there to get it to look and behave like a native select input. In
 addition, we're still seeing odd jumping behaviour in Chrome when
 selecting a language after scrolling down the list, the list doesn't
 scroll when using the arrow keys to navigate, and typing a letter on the
 keyboard doesn't jump to a language beginning with that letter.

 If we switch back to a `select` input, we avoid all these issues. As a
 bonus, we get the native select UI on Android/iOS devices.

 Replying to [comment:8 nacin]:
 > Certain languages are best displayed in certain ways. We need to
 investigate these. For example, Hebrew should be in  RTL including Arabic
 should be in Tahoma. Of course, this is pretty easy to configure via the
 API. Might these need to be also aligned right? There's also a language in
 central Asia that requires its own typeface, if I recall correctly. We
 will probably need to abandon this multi-line select box in favor of
 something more robust in order to improve styling.

 On [https://www.google.co.uk/preferences?hl=en-GB&fg=1#languages Google's
 language preference screen] it lists over 150 language names, all of which
 are shown in Arial and left-to-right.

 After some discussion with nacin, #19950 was mentioned. The Uyghur
 language requires its own font for general use, but the language name on
 its own displays correctly in Arial. Uyghur can be found on Google's
 language preference screen as ئۇيغۇرچە.

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