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#24716: Grid view for the Media Library
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Comment (by paulwilde):

 What would be nice was if the media grid was consistent design-wise with
 how the theme installation screen looks and works. See

 In my mockup clicking on the "Visiblity" toggle would reveal a drawer
 below the filter bar (in the same way as the Feature Filter on theme-
 install.php) with the list of checkboxes where you can toggle the
 visiblity of the Name, Date, Mine-type etc. rather than having lesser used
 options constantly visible. This would solve the issue of them being
 hidden on smaller screens.

 I already have a patch (#28794) which seperates the filter bar from
 themes.css and into a seperate file with a more reuseable approach by
 using .wp-filter rather than .theme-navigation.

 Having an API for the filter bar to make it more reuseable would be nice
 too, especially for plugin developers. The ability to create an instance
 and then methods to create toggable drawers, filter links, search and so
 forth. If this was all tied into a Backbone-based API where all of the
 filter bar components (filtering, search, bulk editing, etc) would be tied
 to data (collections) it would be a good start to phasing out
 WP_List_Table and finding a solution for #28050. This is all out-of-scope
 for 4.0 obviously, and has a lot of backwards compatibility implications.

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