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#28577: Allow language to be chosen during initial install
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Comment (by nacin):

 As of [29006], either setup-config.php or install.php work well as entry
 points. A language chosen during setup-config.php gets passed through to
 install.php via a simple GET parameter.

 I think I'd like to drop a cookie and then read from that, but this
 current implementation allows for shortcuts like
 install.php?language=de_DE, which is not bad. We'd still have to thus
 account for other request variables. (In WordPress, `$_REQUEST` is GP, not

 I moved the assignment back into the if statement (see [28982]) as it
 improves the branching. I added parentheses to make it a bit more obvious
 an assignment is there.

 More to do here:
  * Suggestions — johnbillion said he has some solid Accept-Language code.
 So do I, but I wouldn't call it solid. Waiting to see his code.
  * Language variants — I have an idea here.
  * Leveraging string translations via the API — working on this. (jorbin
 pointed out this is necessary for accessibility.)
  * Improved update/error handling — up for grabs.

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