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#25365: timeAgo attribute for revisions produces the wrong result due to missing
UTC in strtotime
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Comment (by adamsilverstein):

 Thanks for the feedback -

 When using WordPress the timezone should **not** be set in PHP.  WordPress
 //explicitly sets the timezone to UTC in wp-settings.php// and
 **calculates all offsets from there** - see
 settings.php#L42 here] -- setting the timezone elsewhere in PHP is
 confusing WordPress internally.

 I tried changing the code from using modified_gmt to modified as suggested
 above and that does fix the revisions page **if I set the timezone in
 PHP** - otherwise the times are all off. Since setting the timezone in PHP
 is against recommended practice, making this change would likely have a
 negative affect for everyone who doesn't have this set.

 Where and why are you setting the timezone in your PHP with
 date_default_timezone_set? can you try removing that set statement to see
 if the issue is resolved?  Setting the timezone in WordPress should be

 If you absolutely have to set the timezone for a block of PHP, try setting
 it back to UTC at the end of the block, so WordPress internal calculations
 are not affected.

 Hope that helps.

 Replying to [comment:11 buley]:
 > I can confirm that in my case timezone is set correctly in WordPress
 under Settings->General. It's also set correctly in PHP using
 > To repeat, the problem is not that WordPress uses UTC to represent dates
 internally. The problem is that in one single instance feeds
 `human_time_diff()` a UTC date for external display of a localized time.

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