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#24193: Anti brute force protection
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Component:  Users        |     Version:  3.5.1
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Comment (by nacin):

 Two main problems with this:
  * This would quickly balloon the options table and probably crash it. In
 fact it'd be a fairly effective attack in its own right.
  * It would do nothing to prevent distributed brute-force attempts. One
 person with huge botnet could ''trivially'' do some serious damage with
 this. You'd need to do per-user stuff, rather than per-IP.
  * OK, three problems. Per-user is tough because then it'd be easy to
 block a user from logging in legitimately. In fact, it'd be a fairly
 effective attack in its own right.

 It's really, really hard to get this right. That's why every plugin I've
 seen offers a serious amount of configuration, as if a user is going to
 know how to best balance legitimate attempts versus dealing with a
 distributed botnet. It's a terrible, horrible user experience.

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