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#23912: Add Composer package description
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Comment (by bpetty):

 The automated package creation you're referring to works perfectly fine
 with the root of the develop repo @nacin is referring to. It would still
 be in `trunk/composer.json`, and `tags/3.7/composer.json`. In fact, it has
 to be right there for the develop repo. There just isn't much of a reason
 to include it in the document root (`src`) except that the existing
 "wordpress-plugin" installer type defines a default install location that
 expects wp-content at the root of a WordPress installation installed using
 the `create-project` command. That, and it would just save a bit more
 space and time on download sizes and speeds.

 I actually believe that there's likely legitimate use cases for adding
 *two* composer.json package files: one in the root of develop, and one at
 the root of `src` - letting end users pick the appropriate package for
 their environment. It's just not ideal that we might be duplicating the
 package file contents. Maybe this could just be another build step though,
 copied directly from develop root over to the core repo (with package name
 change) so nothing needs to be maintained in both locations. This could
 leave us with both a "wordpress/core" package, and a "wordpress/core-
 release" package.

 At the least though, adding one in develop (outside of the document root)
 to begin with offers everyone everything they need including our custom
 WordPress unit testing framework (useful for plugins using composer to
 automate their own plugin unit tests), even if they only need the packaged
 release version of WordPress without tests or additional tools. Also,
 while the existing `wordpress-plugin` installer type defines a default
 location of `wp-content/plugins`, all end users have a way of overriding
 that path easily already, so providing the second composer.json package
 file right away isn't important.

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