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#25350: Make URL parameter for activation key parameter filterable
 Reporter:  boonebgorges  |      Owner:
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 Severity:  normal        |   Keywords:  has-patch
 The Office 365 email service (perhaps among others? Who knows what lurks
 out there?) filters all outgoing links, for security purposes. Among its
 security restrictions is that emailed links with URL parameters containing
 the string 'key' are forbidden; clicking them leads to an error. This
 includes links of the form http://example.com/wp-activate.php?key=12345,
 the link format used when sending activation emails in multisite. The
 result is that users cannot click the link to activate their accounts -
 and, in fact, they can't even copy and paste it in normal ways, because
 Microsoft masks the link (ugh).

 This is an annoying problem that is in no way WordPress's fault. However,
 it causes severe problems in places where WP is used and Office 365 use is
 required, such as some universities. And, while it's easy to fix the text
 of the outgoing email using the notification filters in ms-functions.php,
 it's very difficult to modify the way that wp-activate.php works without
 resorting to the hackiest of hacks.

 As a lightweight and backward compatibile workaround, I'm suggesting that
 the 'key' parameter be filterable. Patch attached, which abstracts the
 parameter into a filter wrapper. Not the most elegant thing in the world,
 but we are dealing with a problem of mammoth stupidity in the first place.
 Thanks for considering.

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