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#25282: Unit Tests should run in Debug mode
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     Type:  defect (bug)    |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  3.7
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Comment (by nacin):

 I like [25402]. To take it further, what do we think about something like
 an annotation?

  * @expectedDeprecated get_themes
  * @expectedDeprecated get_theme

 It could be applied to a single test, or to an entire class. But, it would
 be ''enforced'' as an assertion. If a test marked with this annotation
 stopped triggering a deprecated error for get_themes(), the test would

 We could implement this the same way PHPUnit implements

 Any uncaught/unexpected deprecated notice should then cause the test to
 fail, regardless of WP_DEBUG.

 Let's not rush to a follow-up commit on this; take our time to figure out
 if it's what we want to do.

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