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#23282: Add shortcodes for inline HTML5 audio / video
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Comment (by kylegilman):

 wonderboymusic this is great! I have a plugin with some overlapping
 functionality (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/video-embed-thumbnail-
 generator/) and now that I know about this I'm going to work on adding the
 option of using the built-in WordPress video shortcode instead of my own.
 I find that web video is unbelievably frustrating because of the
 proliferation of formats. oyvinds should note that those modern social
 networks take videos that users upload and transcode them all to the same
 formats, which is clearly not an option for the average shared hosting

 I'd like to help out, although I don't really know how to contribute code.
 The first thing I noticed is some trouble with mime types. The shortcode
 takes the file's mime type at face value, which means that .m4v and .mov
 files don't play. M4V is primarily created by Apple's Compressor and is
 almost always an H.264/AAC file that will work if the source "type" tag is
 set to video/mp4 instead of video/m4v. MOV could be any of dozens of
 codecs, and there's no way to know what codec it is, so I don't know if
 you want to support it, but again, if it does happen to be a properly
 encoded H.264/AAC file then setting the source "type" tag to video/mp4
 will make it work.

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