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#23608: 3.6-Menus Help Text changes
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 [attachment:23608.diff] takes a full pass at the Menus help text. I did my
 best to incorporate as many of the existing strings as possible.

 There's no doubt this should be trimmed down quite a bit, I just wanted to
 get it out there for the rest of the docs folks to pick over.

 '''[ Tab: Overview ]'''

 This screen is used for managing your custom navigation menus.

 Menus can be assigned to locations defined by your theme, you can even use
 custom menus in conjunction with the Custom Menus widget on the Widgets
 screen. If your theme does not support the custom menus feature (the
 default themes, Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Twelve, do), you can learn
 about adding this support by following the Documentation link to the side.

 From this screen you can:
 * Create, edit, and delete menus
 * Add, remove, or rearrange menu items in individual menus
 * Assign menus to be used in specific theme locations

 '''[ Tab: Add & Edit Menus ]'''

 Use the menu management box at the top of the screen to add or select
 existing menus to edit.
 * To create your first menu, either give your default menu a name then
 save by '''clicking ’Create Menu’''' or following the steps to add a new
 * To create a new menu '''click the ’Add New’ button''' at the top of the
 screen. Give your menu a name, then '''click ’Create Menu’'''.
 * To edit an existing menu, choose a menu from the drop down and '''click

 Custom menus may contain links to pages, categories, custom links or other
 content types (use the Screen Options tab to decide which ones to show on
 the screen). If your theme includes more than one menu location, you can
 choose which custom menu to associate with each.
 * Add menu items by selecting links from the boxes in the left column and
 '''clicking ’Add to Menu’'''.
 * To rearrange items, '''drag and drop items with your mouse or use your
 keyboard'''. Drag or move a menu item a little to the right to make it a
 * Delete a menu item by expanding it and '''clicking the Remove link'''.

 '''[ Tab: Other Settings ]'''

 In addition to the standard menu item settings, you can also set
 additional attributes for each menu item. Attributes like link target, CSS
 classes, link relationships and link descriptions can be enabled and
 disabled via the Screen Options tab.

 You can find more information about additional menu item attributes by
 following the Documentation link to the side.

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