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#23673: Add functions to get metadata for videos
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Comment (by wonderboymusic):

 attachment:23673.3.diff adds some dazzle, get ready for your mind to be

 - Allows the Post Thumbnail metabox to show up for attachments that are
 audio or video, without explicitly supporting `post-thumbnails` in your
 theme or on the post type. Why? I have an MP3 with an embedded image, how
 do I associate them? Well, by just adding `_thumbnail_id` to post meta for
 the mp3, I have associated them just enough to be useful.

 - When generating metadata for audio or video: if your file contains an
 embedded image, I am now storing that binary chunk as an image file in the
 Media Library and adding `_thumbnail_id` to the media file's post meta.
 It's magic, and it's awesome.

 - The ID3 tags, when present, contain metadata like "album" "artist"
 "song" etc - we probably want to start displaying that data on the edit
 attachment screen so it can be changed / corrected. When the media file's
 metadata is stored, that data is stored along with it.

 attachment:ID3.zip​ can be unzipped in `wp-includes` - I removed it from
 the patch because the `.diff` file was huge with it in there.

 Subsequent changes to `edit-form-advanced.php` really require #23282 to be
 in, so let's get on that. This stuff is exciting because it is putting
 audio / video on par with images finally.

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