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#21995: (get/the)_archive_title and (get/the)_archive_description functions
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Comment (by mdgl):

 I like the idea of this and believe we should in general be doing more to
 address the needs of theme/plugin developers.  I would like however to
 make a few comments on the first-cut patch from DrewAPicture:

 1) The code probably intends to make use of `sprintf()` rather than

 2) Function `the_archive_title()` is starting to look very similar to
 `wp_title()` and I wonder whether there is an opportunity to generalise
 and/or share more code between these functions (e.g. create
 `the_page_title()` applying to any form of page not just archives and
 merge code with `wp_title()`).  See also comment:4.

 3) For custom taxonomies, rather than just printing "Taxonomy Archives" we
 should probably refer to the name of the particular taxonomy as already
 happens with `category` and `post_tag`, so for example:

 } elseif ( is_tax() ) {
       $term = get_queried_object();
       $tax = get_taxonomy( $term->taxonomy );
       $title = sprintf( __( '%1$s Archives: %2$s' ), '<span>' .
 $tax->labels->singular_name . '</span>', '<span>' . single_term_title( '',
 false ) . '</span>' );

 A moot point is then whether the `<span>` elements would need to be
 distinguished for styling.

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