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#21170: JavaScript actions and filters
 Reporter:  koopersmith      |       Owner:  koopersmith
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Comment (by MikeSchinkel):

 Replying to [comment:52 azaozz]:
 > The original idea was to have add_action(), add_filter(), do_action(),
 etc. in JS that behave similarly to PHP. Unfortunately neither
 Backbone.events nor jQuery.Callbacks() have a way to specify callback
 priority. Also missing did_action() which might be useful to have.

 Saw this after posting today.

 Rather than dismissing `Backbone.Events` you might want to consider
 extending them as
 Backbone.Wreqr] does. It would not be too difficult to add `priority` and
 `did_action()` on top of `Backbone.Events`, and it's even possible
 someone else has already written most (all?)] of the needed extensions.

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