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#24814: Allow placing theme templates in subdirectory
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Comment (by bungeshea):

 I am aware that template parts may be stored in a subdirectory, however it
 is convention to store them with regular template parts. Additional CSS
 and JavaScript can be stored in subdirectories, but {{{style.css}}}
 cannot, and it is convention to store {{{editor-style.css}}} also in the
 theme root; plus {{{style.min.css}}} to work with the {{{SCRIPT_DEBUG}}}

 For proof of how cluttered a theme root can get, see
 https://github.com/bungeshea/theme-boilerplate. Additional CSS and all
 JavaScript, as well as fonts, extra functions includes, images, language
 files are stored in separate directories. It would be irresponsible to
 move {{{content-*.php}}}, {{{loop-*.php}}} or {{{menu-*.php}}} templates
 to a subdirectory, and all of the other templates are required to be in
 the root. As well as the templates and the three stylesheets, I also have
 a {{{package.json}}} and {{{Gruntfile.js}}} for Grunt, a {{{config.rb}}}
 for Compass, {{{.gitignore}}} and {{{.gitmodules}}} for Git,
 {{{.jshintrc}}} for JSHint, a license and a readme.

 Call me OCD, but  I find it difficult to make my way around the theme
 while coding, and prefer my files to be nicely organized. I am not asking
 for it to be required for templates to be in a subdirectory - only to make
 it possible.

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