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#14264: Add support for HTML5 Section elements to editor
 Reporter:  cyberskull   |       Owner:
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  TinyMCE      |     Version:  3.0
 Severity:  normal       |  Resolution:  maybelater
 Keywords:  HTML5        |
Changes (by azaozz):

 * status:  reopened => closed
 * resolution:   => maybelater


 Replying to [comment:9 MarcusPope]:
 > C'mon Azaozz, partially work?  http://html5boilerplate.com/  this stuff
 is solid, and has been around for a couple years now.

 Yes, partially work in IE7 and 8. Using JS + CSS hacks makes these
 browsers recognize most HTML 5 elements but doesn't make them "HTML 5.0
 compatible". And there is also a (small) group of users that are forced to
 use old IE with JS disabled and cannot upgrade their browsers. Allowing
 the front-end of all WordPress sites to be broken in that case is a very
 bad idea indeed :)

 > And no, I'm not suggesting that we force all installations to use it,
 but that doesn't mean we should leave code in the system that prevents
 their usage in a plugin.  Even better make it an option in the admin.
 Only the latest browsers are supported for the admin area anyway, and they
 all support HTML5 now.

 We are not talking about the admin here. See above.

 > HTML5 style Block Level Anchor tags have actually been supported for
 years (10+) now.  They weren't considered valid markup by xhtml standards,
 but browsers knew what to do with them.  I'm pretty sure even IE3.0
 supported them, but my memory is fading these days.

 Yes, this works in all browsers but is buggy in some. However the reason
 it works is not because it is a standard feature, it's because the
 browsers error-correct it. Check the comments on the site you referenced

 > But this is NOT a TinyMCE issue.  TinyMCE actually supports them
 completely (except for around tables of course, but then again I don't
 think any browser supports that yet.)  I am sure about the support in
 contentEditable mode because I developed a solution for it.  You even said
 yourself tinyMCE supports all HTML5 tags.

 TinyMCE is very configurable (as you already know). You can set it to
 allow all kinds of input, custom HTML tags and attributes, etc. Using and
 allowing these is a "plugin material" though.

 > Mostly I was opening this ticket because of your comment: "Closing as
 wontfix for now. I'm sure we will enable HTML 5.0 support by default when
 it becomes possible."  Well, now it would be possible via a plugin if it
 were not for some broken (ok outdated) logic in WPAUTOP.

 Still think this ticket should be closed as "maybelater". I'll be glad to
 add support for all HTML5 tags, not just for <section>, on the front end
 but that doesn't seem possible at present.

 As @nacin suggests, feel free to add comments to existing tickets (or open
 another ticket if the existing tickets don't cover this) for any needed
 updates to wpautop.

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