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#19065: Please provide original javascript files (.dev.js) for all minified files
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Comment (by rhertzog):

 Thanks for the helpful answer!

 wordpress is already more than 10Mb and I'm not sure including them would
 make such a big difference but I can understand your concern and would
 then suggest to still include them in the SVN but to add some way to build
 two release tarballs: a light version and full version. As I said
 providing the .dev.js in the source tarball is a requirement for Debian
 and I would like a solution that doesn't involve me recreating a dedicated
 source tarball for each release...

 Now checking out the /download/source/ link, it lacks the pointer or the
 file for the crop/cropper.js file. I tried to look up the
 prototype-scriptaculous/ upstream website] and I was unable to find the
 uncompressed file for the release embedded in Wordpress. It's a relatively
 old version that Wordpress ships I think.

 plupload is also not mentionned in that page but maybe this one is a new
 library for 3.3.

 jquery.schedule.js is less than 3kb, it could be included I guess.

 The uncompressed copy of jquery is also not up-to-date, it's version 1.4.4
 instead of 1.6.1 shipped in Wordpress 3.2.1.

 Same for jquery-ui, it's 1.8.9 instead of 1.8.12 shipped in 3.2.1.

 So while this webpage is useful, we don't have the historical versions
 used for each release. This can be useful at times (and important to be
 able to fulfill the obligation of the written offer that Wordpress makes
 at the end of COPYING, cf http://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/17472),
 so managing all this in subversion would be more effective IMO.

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