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#11651: Welcome Screen concept
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Comment (by jane):

 For sake of beta 1, full width box at top of dashboard when new install
 loads for first time. Includes Dimiss X, but accessible via screen options
 (show on screen). Hover over dismiss should show tooltip that says, "You
 can bring this box back using the screen options in the Help tab above)."

 Will be doing a survey on wordpress.org blog to get broader user feedback
 on what would be most useful here for text/links (to be done during beta
 1, so that beta 2 will have finished content), but in meantime, use this
 placeholder text.[[BR]]


 Welcome to your new WordPress site!
 Here are some things most people do when they set up a new WordPress site.
 To get started, use the links below and we'll give you some extra help
 with these tasks.

 Col 1:
 - __Fill in your profile__.
 - __Choose comment settings__.
 - __Set your time zone__.

 Col 2:
 - __Edit your site tagline__.
 - __Choose a theme__.
 - __Add some widgets__.

 Col 3:
 - Delete the default __post__ and __comment__.
 - __Create your first post__.
 - __Edit the sample page__ to be about you.



  Note: if user clicks link from this box, there will be a pointer on the
 resulting screen to make it more obvious where to look.

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