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#19216: Wp-admin using wrong url's for pagination
 Reporter:  melkdesk      |      Owner:
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 I am using the following setup:
 Nginx -> varnish -> wordpress/apache

 update_option('siteurl' and update_option('home' are correct.

 define('WP_HOME' and define('WP_SITEURL' are correct.

 Frond end of the site works fine, backend works fine, BUT when i want to
 use the backend pagination to go to page 2 of posts, the url points to the
 ip of the server, thus invalidating my admin cookie.

 ( http://???.??.??.??/wp-admin/edit.php?paged=2 ,this should be
 http://site_url/wp-admin/edit.php?paged=2 ) ..

 I'm able to replicate this issue with a clean wp using the same setup.

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