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#17520: cite element used incorrectly
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 Here's what the HTML5 specification says about the cite element:
   The cite element represents the title of a work (e.g. a book, a paper,
 an essay, a poem, a score, a song, a script, a film, a TV show, a game, a
 sculpture, a painting, a theatre production, a play, an opera, a musical,
 an exhibition, a legal case report, etc). […]

   A person's name is not the title of a work — even if people call that
 person a piece of work — and the element must therefore not be used to
 mark up people's names. (In some cases, the b element might be appropriate
 for names; e.g. in a gossip article where the names of famous people are
 keywords rendered with a different style to draw attention to them. In
 other cases, if an element is really needed, the span element can be


 The element is used plugins/hello.php correctly to mark up the title
 "Hello, Dolly". But many more places it is used incorrectly to mark up an
 author's name.

 The obvious fix would be to replace all but the one correct instance of
 the cite element with spans with an appropriate class.

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