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#17478: Disable Comments for Pages / Disable Comments for Pages Site-Wide
 Reporter:  Dimitri Vorontzov  |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement        |     Status:  new
 Priority:  normal             |  Milestone:  Awaiting Review
Component:  General            |    Version:  3.1.2
 Severity:  normal             |   Keywords:
 Ladies and gentlemen,

 it's been suggested on the Forum that I start a new ticket here. I think
 it's a good idea.

 Here's a couple of suggestions that I believe if implemented would greatly
 improve WordPress functionality and popularity:

 1) Make the Display Widget  for pages visible by default, the way it was
 before the WordPress 3.0. Many non-blog WordPress website owners, and many
 bloggers, want the comments for pages disabled, but have no idea how to do
 that, because the Discussion checkbox in the Screen Options panel for
 Pages  is deselected by default. As a result, most people new to WP 3 have
 no idea that Discussion Widget even exists, and have trouble disabling
 comments on pages.

 Disabling such comments is very necessary in many situations. For example,
 a page that includes only a contact form, shouldn't have comments. Most
 WordPress users do not need their portfolios, or their "About" pages
 commented – and so on.

 2) Create the checkbox that would allow to toggle all comments (old and
 new) comments for all pages with one click – and a separate checkbox that
 would allow to toggle all comments (old and new) for all posts – site-

 Many WordPress based business websites have hundreds of pages, and it
 would save a lot of time if the owner or designer could just disable the
 comments by deselecting one checkbox. I do realize it can be easily done
 by commenting out the comments in the code, but wouldn't it be nicer to
 have it as a checkbox option?

 Some of the owners of such sites want to have a blog on their site, too -
 and want to have comments as a traditional part of blog functionality.
 That's what comments for pages and posts should be toggle-able site-wide
 independently from each other.

 For best experience, the post comments should also have a toggle checkbox.
 Some owners may want to disable comments for all posts site-wide, too.

 To see where this request is coming from, please Google "disable comments
 for pages wordpress" and you will see that the issue does cause quite a
 bit of confusion.

 Also please see this thread of the WordPress support forum about:

 I hope this suggestion helps to improve WordPress – already the greatest
 open source CMS platform.

 Best regards,

 Dimitri Vorontzov

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