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#14513: Time for a wp_post_relationships table?
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 Great to see, the ticket is reopen - thanks Mike.
 I think, the goal to build relationships from different post types is more
 and more important for customer. It makes easy to build different post
 types and realiced a correalation. Its better for more possibilities and
 also for structre on backend in WP and also! for the righst on the
 different post types.

 I see this also as chance to get an better solution for create n2n
 relationship on post types and also on attachments, this is current not
 realy fine. Current i use/create a plugin for this, but i think, this is
 an part of core solutions.

 Maybe i build/have with a team a great plugin for multilanguage solutions
 on WP Multisite and we create the correalation about the postmeta. But its
 was easier with a core relationship and so more intuitiv and interesst for
 business users.

 But is see this topic and solution as an core plugin, not an part of core.
 Its give also many users without this requirement and i think, WP is big
 enough. Maybe we can realized a core plugin to add the table and API for
 use this topic.

 *Thanks for read my bad english.

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