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#17276: custom post type problems needs addressed
 Reporter:  squeeky      |       Owner:  squeeky
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Comment (by squeeky):

 ok - version 0.4 done

 - i fixed (reverted parts of) the Tag Cloud widget: so it properly selects
 default if it had been set to a custom tax that no longer exists

 - cleaned up some code to better adhere to the "wordpress way"

 - added the Pages widget

 - post type checks now use 'publicly_queryable' instead of 'public'

 I didn't hit the Recent Comments widget like i wanted to - the kind of
 tweak i had in mind pulls it away from the current default settings - that
 is, once tweaked the way i had in mind, the Recent Comments widget would
 be forever enhanced and add features/settings/options which would always
 be there, regardless of whether costom port types were registered

 also the Recent Comments tweaks i was thinking of doing require the same
 kind of thing the Archives and Calendar widgets require > modification of
 the functions they call (i can't provide the features by only altering the
 widget's code)


 See the update - version 0.4

 Custom Post Types and Taxonomy Widgets : cpt-tax-widgets



 this is pretty much as far as i can go without jumping beyond the

 since currently my modifications seem pretty straight-forward, and stable
 (and do not interfere with defaults, i am going to integrate all
 modifications into wp-includes/default-widgets.php (and revert many of the
 naming conventions to current defaults) - and also submit that (the
 modified default-widgets.php) for review / so you can see what my
 modifications are like in their intended context - i'll be doing a little
 more "code cleaning" while i do the integration - if you can see any
 issues yourself before or while i am doing this please let me know

 next up will be the Archives and Calendar widgets

 then on to other things (like getting functions the_category() and
 the_tags() to work with custom tax with no extra coding needed by end-uses
 or theme developers)


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