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#10734: Gallery Shortcode Causes XHTML Validation Failure
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     Type:  defect (bug)  |      Status:  closed
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 Severity:  normal        |  Resolution:  maybelater
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Comment (by chipbennett):

 Replying to [comment:36 aaroncampbell]:
 > It like US politics...you can cast your vote for an official but it
 needs to be done during the voting process.  If you want to remove the
 official once they're in you need some REALLY serious reasons

 Probably not the most ''apropos'' analogy. Presidential impeachment would
 be more analogous to removing the Hooks API, not something as trivial as a
 few lines of CSS.
 > Basically, it's not that a late opinion doesn't count, it's that it
 can't be given the same weight as it would have been given if it were on
 time.  The reason is that the threshold for changing something that has
 already been released is WAY higher than the threshold for changing
 something that hasn't (and I think that's the way it SHOULD be).

 And if that's going to be the case, then the powers-that-be need to be
 considerably less capricious regarding the addition of such code, and
 considerably more thoughtful of the unintended consequences thereof.

 I don't argue that removal would now bear consequences; rather, I'm
 arguing that the benefit of removing the code would ''far outweigh the
 detriment'' of removing it, and that the detriment of leaving it in ''far
 outweighs the benefit'' of leaving it in.

 I don't argue that the threshold for removing code once added should be
 higher than the threshold for adding that code to begin with; rather, I'm
 questioning what I perceive to be a complete unwillingness even to
 consider removing the code.

 At what threshold would this code-removal be considered? Already, the
 default Theme (TwentyTen) accounts for the fix. I assume that the next
 default Theme (TwentyEleven) will also account for the fix. Several of the
 high-profile commercial Theme developers already account for the fix. Many
 other third-party Theme developers also account for the fix - and moreso,
 with more education of the issue.

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