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#18265: Use load_template in template-loader.php
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Comment (by elyobo):

 Ah, my wordpress ignorance showing through :)  Should have looked up

 Anyhow, I have to sleep. Thanks for the discussion folks.  I guess we'll
 have to wait for an elegant solution to the problem to turn up.  Would
 there be any interest in me opening a feature request to make it possible
 to do what I want (injecting variables into templates)?

 In the meantime, I think I'll just add something like the following line
 at the top of my templates and use this to inject the data I want into
 each template; it requires me to modify each template, but it prevents the
 front end guys from having to learn stuff about the internals of how the
 data is generated, so it's most of the way there.

 <?php extract(apply_filters('template_data', array()), EXTR_SKIP); ?>

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