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#18147: Themes upgrade overwrote my custom theme
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 I have the Cancas theme installed, and created a sub-theme of this called
 "Relax" and gave it a version of 1.0.0

 Today WP tells me there is a new version to my theme - 1.5.0. Just out of
 curiosity I clicked "upgrade" and what happened is that someone else's
 theme of the same name "Relax" got pulled in and totally overwrote my
 custom theme.

 WP needs to check more than just the name of a theme to tell whether it
 matches a theme available on wp.com for upgrade. Alternatively, some way
 of locking custom themes is needed, to ensure no-one elses theme will
 overwrite it.

 Or maybe I am overlooking something?

 (I have searched for this issue and cannot find any other reports. All
 reports I though was similar, just turned out to be people customising
 installed themes and being surprised when upgrades to those themes
 overwrote their customisations.)

 Here is the style.css from my custom theme:

 Theme Name: Relax
 Theme URI: http://www.academe.co.uk/
 Description: Academe Computing Ltd.
 Author: Jason Judge
 Author URI: http://www.academe.co.uk
 Template: canvas
 Version: 1.0.0
 License: GPL

         Copyright: (c) 2010 Jason Judge.


 This is the theme that overwrote my custom theme (a picture of a black
 couch on the front):


 Note there are other themes from other places using the same name, but I
 don't know what will happen of one of those is installed and their version
 is less than 1.5.0 - I suspect they will also get overwritten by the couch


 I'm using a network install.

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