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#16687: %postname% permalinks should not trigger verbose rewrite rules
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     Type:  feature request  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  3.3
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Comment (by Otto42):

 Basically, this patch makes page rules not really "verbose" anymore, and
 so the verbose flag is now just used to determine if pages should take
 precedence or not and whether extra queries need to be done for that case.

 So also be sure to check for unexpected side effects. Make sure that Pages
 and Attachments all show up properly and aren't throwing 404's or errors
 or what have you.

 Also be aware than in the event of a URL conflict (such as if you use
 %postname% for the custom string and a page and post both have the same
 slug), then the page is going to take precedence and get shown instead of
 the post. Me and Nacin talked about that Monday and decided that that made
 the most sense. So be sure that works properly too on your sites.

 With the current patch, it's doing unnecessary extra data retrieval and
 then discarding it. This can be optimized away, although I don't think it
 would result in noticeable speed improvement. One thing that would be
 interesting to see is the results on long hierarchical page URLs. The
 speed of the lookup is dependent on the depth of the URL. So a page with
 /page would be found faster than a page with
 /page/url/is/really/really/deep/here/oh/noes. It might be interesting to
 see how deep you need to go before it becomes a problem.

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