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#18026: stripslashes_deep() casts booleans to strings
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Comment (by knutsp):

 I see. That makes sense.

 I found this comment on http://php.net/manual/en/function.stripslashes.php


 2) both stripslashes and str_replace functions always return strings, so:

 * TRUE will become a string "1",
 * FALSE will become an empty string,
 * integers and floats will become strings,
 * NULL will become an empty string.

 On the other hand you only need to process strings, so use the is_string
 function to check;
 If so, then the function could be exptended a bit like this:
 function stripslashes_deep($value) {
     $value = is_array($value) ?
         array_map('stripslashes_deep', $value) :

     return $value;
 But I don't like the  $value = $value so I would prefer using if blocks
 instead of nested ternal if's.

 var_dump( stripslashes_deep( array( 'foo' => true, 'bar' => false,
 'string' => 'str\ing', 'array' => array( 'foo1' => true, 'bar1' => false,
 'arr1' => 'arr\1', 'arr2' => 'arr\2') ) ) );
 array(4) { ["foo"]=> bool(true) ["bar"]=> bool(false) ["string"]=>
 string(6) "string" ["array"]=> array(4) { ["foo1"]=> bool(true) ["bar1"]=>
 bool(false) ["arr1"]=> string(4) "arr1" ["arr2"]=> string(4) "arr2" } }

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