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#16342: Administration Menu management abstraction
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     Type:  feature request  |      Status:  assigned
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Comment (by mikeschinkel):

 @jltallon - Sure you can use my code, but I can tell you the core team
 didn't like where I was headed with it.  They are wedded to the concept of
 "menu pages" and "submenu pages" vs. "menu sections" and "menu items."
 Can't say that I agree with that approach but I don't have a say in the

 Also, there are also still aspects of the menu system that make it
 extremely hard to abstract as I documented here even ignoring the obvious
 issues inherent in the positional architecture:


 Still hoping though that @nacin will follow up on on
 [https://twitter.com/#!/nacin/status/26076292608692224 his offer to review
 the above] and give me some alternatives for addressing the issues I
 brought up there and/or acknowledge and take action on tickets #16048,
 #16050 and #16204 or workable alternatives.

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