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#15700: Replace underline with border-bottom in hyperlinks, for legibility
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 I've always been a big advocate of border-bottom rather than underline and
 it makes sense in this setting as noted with the language
 translation/descenders. I think it would be worth looking into..

 However, in my observation, most of the links on the "dashboard" are blue
 with orange on hover.(no underline) When you get into an edit-post page,
 some of the links in the little modular boxes (I'm not sure the proper
 term for these things) have the underline you are referring to as well as
 being blue and orange on hover. (and in other random places as well.. log-
 in screen, etc) But in general, most do not underline.

 Probably the most proper way to go about this is to determine if we want
 all links to be consistent or determine if there is a reason that some
 links get an underline and some don't... and if there is no reason.. bring
 up the possibility of just consistently not underlining any of them. (I'd
 moreso just push for that no-underline-at-all option) Hopefully we will
 discuss this more in the UI group. thanks!

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