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#16517: What about / Whom to ask for full/missing wordpress source-code?
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Comment (by chipbennett):

 Replying to [comment:5 Otto42]:
 > Firstly, the only binary file I can find any reference to is SWFUpload,
 and that is MIT Licensed, not GPL. The MIT License has no requirement for
 providing source code.

 Wait, what? I find this response confusing. Either WordPress is
 distributed 100% GPL or it is not. If WordPress is 100% GPL, then the
 source-code provision applies to 100% of the code (including erstwhile
 MIT-licensed code that has been re-licensed as GPL for distribution with
 WordPress). If WordPress is ''not'' 100% GPL, then don't we have a bigger
 > As for the GPL, we are under no obligation to provide anything at all.

 That depends on who ''we'' are? You are correct, if by ''we'' you are
 referring to the individual code contributors. However, I didn't see the
 ticket call out by name you or any other specific code contributor - and
 quite frankly, trying to divert the point at hand away from the WordPress
 project to the individual contributors is less-than-helpful.

 Bottom line: whomever is responsible for distributing WordPress (i.e. the
 WordPress Foundation, or currently more accurately, Matt Mullenweg, as the
 owner and responsible party for the wordpress.org web site), ''is under
 obligation'' to provide full source code for 100% of WordPress.
 > Understand that the people here wrote the code and share a joint
 ownership of it. The GPL places no obligation whatsoever on the actual
 copyright holders of the code. They can release it anyway they like. The
 GPL only applies to licensees of the code in question; the downstream
 people using and redistributing that code.

 ''Downstream'' is not required, but rather only ''distribution''.
 WordPress is being distributed, ostensibly licensed 100% under GPL - and
 whomever is responsible for that distribution is responsible for
 fulfilling the terms of the GPL, including full source disclosure.
 > '''There is no requirement for WordPress to release the source code for
 a single binary file which they did not write and which is not GPL
 licensed to begin with.''' Your argument is invalid.

 I can't believe you actually just said that.

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