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#13816: There should be built-in index pages for taxonomies
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Comment (by janfabry):

 Replying to [comment:4 frankieroberto]:
 > @scribu I'm not sure what you mean? Surely the most obvious thing to
 display at /category or /tag is a list (or tag cloud) of the
 categories/tags that you use (perhaps in order of popularity).

 I don't know what would be most obvious, I have seen
 listing-page-when-no-term-set-all-terms multiple]
 custom-taxonomy-with-a-permalink-in-wordpress requests] for this, and they
 don't always ask for a list of ''terms'', but instead want the ''posts''
 linked to these terms.

 It would also cause serious compatibility problems for themes that don't
 have this template. We probably fall back on {{{archive.php}}} or
 {{{index.php}}}, but these loops expect posts, not terms, and thus most
 template tags won't work.

 Maybe we should implement both ways, and make both of them optional? Add a
 {{{has_archive}}} argument that would add a post index, and a
 {{{has_terms_archive}}} argument that would add a terms index. Make them
 exclude each other or accept a rewrite prefix so they can exist at
 different locations.

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