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#16397: Selecting Sub-Category should select parent category.
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     Type:  feature request  |      Status:  closed
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Component:  General          |     Version:  3.1
 Severity:  normal           |  Resolution:  wontfix
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Comment (by sterlo):

 I submit this UseCase without any plugins installed:

 Created a parent category and a child category:
 mysql> select * from wp_terms; select * from wp_term_taxonomy;
 Results (terms):

 Results (taxonomy):
 ||22||22||category||This is a parent category.||0||0||
 ||23||23||category||This is a child of omgwtfbbq.||22||0||

 I then created a post! Actually...I created three.

 One that belongs to the parent category.[[BR]]
 One that belongs to the child category (parent no selected).[[BR]]
 One that belongs to both.

 Now...the terms show up as thus:

 select * from wp_term_taxonomy;
 ||22|||22||category||This is a parent category.||0||2||
 ||23|||23||category||This is a child of omgwtfbbq.||22||2||

 So this reflects your expectation in the form of data.

 But if I ask WordPress if the Parent category has posts in it:
 echo count($test);

 Result: 3

 So if we're going to treat it as though it actually has 3 posts in
 it...why not...actually have 3 posts in it?

 I understand we can right a plugin to "fix" problems. Or we could ... fix
 the problems.

 If this is not a problem, I will defer to your judgment.

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