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#19618: Extending the Transient API outside of the wp_options table
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 I was wondering if the dev team would consider extending the Transients
 API outside of the `wp_options` table to a user-specified table.

 I've managed to mimic, to a certain extent, the `*_transient` and
 `*_option` family of functions with my own functions, and sql queries, to
 check, update, insert, and delete sql data. I find myself at awe, when I
 realize I could have easily achieved the same thing with a few lines of
 code using the Transients API.

 Needless to say, this could benefit a lot of plugin authors who resort to
 creating their own tables to store temporary data. The creation of sql
 tables, should be left up to the plugins author, but in my opinion, it's
 better to stay in house and use the Transients API to insert, and remove
 data instead of having to build something from scratch.

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