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#19458: Allow custom List Tables for post / CPT listings
 Reporter:  tomauger        |      Owner:
     Type:  enhancement     |     Status:  new
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 edit.php draws the list table into $wp_list_table, but it is hard-coded to
 always use WP_Posts_List_Table. This prevents plugin and theme authors
 from subclassing WP_List_Table or even WP_Posts_List_Table to allow full
 customization of the display of a CPT or Post listing.

 Although there are numerous actions and filters available during the
 drawing of the post listing view, providing direct access to the list
 table itself can be both more convenient, sometimes cleaner, and would
 allow more complete customization of the posts list view.

 Example use case: removing the "filter by date" pull down menu. This
 cannot be done by accessing the 'restrict_manage_posts' action - it is
 hard-coded into the WP_Posts_List_Table. There are many other examples

 A simple filter added to the should address this deficiency.


 `26: $wp_list_table = apply_filters( 'posts_list_table', _get_list_table(
 'WP_Posts_List_Table' ), $post_type_object );`

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