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#14897: Selecting Network Themes & Appearance selection
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     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new               
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Component:  Themes       |     Version:  3.1               
 Severity:  normal       |    Keywords:  themes, appearance
 In 'Super Admin > Themes' there is

 a) no way to enable all themes, e.g. as there is to Posts > Select Title.

 Additionally, by default all themes are disabled. This makes it tiresome
 for admins of MS sites to enable new themes when setting up a blog farm
 with a lot of themes (must manual click each one). At the very least,
 there is a strong need for an "enable all themes" option.

 b) there is no way to sort themes, e.g. enable/disabled (like plugins),
 find newly added ones from amongst old themes, tag or categorize.

 Again, this makes it tiresome for admins of MS sites to find and enable
 new themes. The above would also fix this.

 c) there is no way to search for a specific themes, e.g. by name, by
 feature, by tag, date added etc.

 i) This latter issue also arises in the users' Appearance > Manage Themes

 The 3 column, widely spaced design might be wonderful for sites where
 there are just a few themes but in farms where they are many, it makes
 finding and choosing tiresome.

 ii) Specific to this, when testing themes, Manage Themes defaults to
 returning to the very first page of themes making finding where one was
 tiresome. It should default to which ever page of themes was being looked

 iii) Only the first three page plus last page is shown, this could easily
 be replaced with a list, dropdown or scroll showing all pages of themes.

 d) One suggest to resolving and improving this area could be to adopt a
 simple slideshow type display or one similar to Apple's Cover Flow.

 e) It seems that many of the code components to improve this area already
 exist in the code, e.g. selecting, tagging, categorizing, gallery display,
 an many of the features of the post and page admin pages could be applied
 to improve it, e,g, the "quick edit, view, move to trash" type options.

 f) Indeed, it would make more sense from a UI point of view to have the
 Appearance page follow the models of the Post and Pages page with smaller

 And why are the PNGs thumbs all so large in size!?!

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