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#7763: CSS for login/register page could be more robust
 Reporter:  richardkmiller  |       Owner:  Nicholas91                  
     Type:  enhancement     |      Status:  new                         
 Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  Future Release              
Component:  UI              |     Version:  3.1                         
 Severity:  minor           |    Keywords:  has-patch gsoc needs-testing
Changes (by joelhardi):

 * cc: joelhardi (added)
  * version:  2.6.1 => 3.1


 Hi, I would like to jump in on this bug and say:

  * This issue is still valid in trunk/3.1. IMHO it's a bug, not
 enhancement. Granted, it's not a crash, but I find this bug very annoying
 as a plugin developer because I can't just add a field to the
 login/registration/etc. forms and set {{{class="input"}}} to inherit the
 default styles.
  * I've attached what I think is a simpler/better patch to fix.

 Ideally, would just have a rule for .input to style HTML input elements
 that are given class="input".

 This works, except for the background color, because the style for form
 sets background to #fff. So, my rule prepends body and form to .input to
 take precedence in the cascade. Since all <input> elements should be
 inside the <body> and <form> on these pages, it works without having to be
 placed inside particular IDs like previous patches.

 -#user_email {
 +body form .input {

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