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#14869: Adding a "callback" to WP_Query()
 Reporter:  mikeschinkel  |       Owner:                 
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 As WordPress apps get more complex with many different post types and
 taxonomies it makes it harder to write robust plugins when using global
 filters on WP_Query(). Instead of writing code and encapsulating you end
 up writing complex if expressions in hopes to keep everything else from
 triggering your SQL additions in your `post_where` and other hooks.

 What is the chance of '''adding a callback filter to the $args for
 WP_Query()''' that would be called after the posts_request filter so that
 we don't have to depend on global filters when we need to modify a query
 for a specific call in a plugin? (Ideally this callback would work for all
 the filters in WP_Query() but I'd settle for one that gets called after
 posts_request vs. not having any.)

 This actually is a much larger issues than a single callback can fix, but
 a single callback would at least be a good start.

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